Instrument Purchase Policy

Unless otherwise agreed upon in advance in writing, ALL SALES ARE FINAL on instruments. If you are truly not satisfied with the instrument we can re-sell it on consignment for you & offer a reduced sellers fee. If a trial period is granted, it is for no longer than 7 days (weekends included) starting the day it is delivered to you. At or before the end of said trial we must be notified of intent to return. The instrument must then be either returned to the shop in person or scanned into the carrier for return shipment by noon of the 8th day, otherwise the instrument is considered sold & is no longer returnable. Customer is responsible for all applicable freight charges necessary to fulfill any trial.

If you wish to have an instrument reserved on "hold" while you make arrangements for purchase a $200.00 deposit is required. Once the deposit is paid the instrument will be reserved for a period of 7 (seven) days including weekends unless other arrangements are agreed upon in advance (ex: if you pay the deposit on a Monday, before midnight Tuesday it ends the following Monday at 12:01Am). Once the sale is settled the deposit will be applied to the price of the instrument. If the sale is not finalized before the reservation expires, or if new terms are not agreed upon, we reserve the right to retain the deposit. Retained deposits can still be applied towards the sale of said instrument at any point as long as it is still available for sale however, once the instrument is sold to another buyer the deposit is forfeited.