Ultrasonic Cleaning 

Trumpet, Flugel or Cornet (all finishes)
(+$40 for complete polish of plated or raw finishes - trumpet only)

Double [French] Horn

Trombone (straight)

Upright Euphonium

Upright Baritone

Tuba (3-piston/rotor any size)

Alto/Tenor Horn

Please note: There is an extra $25.00 charge per additional Rotor/Thayer for Horn, Trombone & Tuba

**Surcharges for additional necessary cleaning**
Some instruments require additional measures such as hand-scraping, bore brushing & multiple cycles in the ultrasonic tank in order to completely remove advanced scaling, calcium & corrosion deposits, typically found as a result of severe neglect.  If such a condition is present additional charges may apply.


*click HERE to learn about the Ultrasonic cleaning process*


We can certainly accommodate ANY repair you need however, below is a list of those most commonly requested.

Repair Work

Soldering  (per soldered joint, soft or brazed)

Dents  (mainly based on location & severity of damage)

Valve damage (per piston/rotor)

Complete Valve Job (nickel plate & re-hone)
$200.00 per piston

Slide alignments/rebuilds
$40- 160

Patch work (holes & cracks)

*Complete overhauls including: Buffing, Silver/Gold plating & Lacquering services
are available.  Please contact us for current pricing.

While our custom options are almost limitless, depending on your imagination, below represents those most commonly requested.  *Please contact for any special project you have in mind.

Custom Alterations & Adjustments for Trumpet

Valve Port Alignment
$56.00 per piston

Valve Port Calibration
$25.00 per piston

*click HERE to learn about Valve Alignments*

Tunable Bell Conversion

Mounting bell for existing tunable set-up

Basic leadpipe installation  (+ for altering/moving braces if necessary)

Amado water key  (raw brass/silver plated)

Bell re-mount (to relieve tension)

Custom made thumb or pinky ring



-General Shop Policies-

Estimates are based on a shop rate of $95.00 an hour plus cost of parts & materials.  Regarding repairs, while we try to quote estimates as accurate as possible, variables such as unforeseen measures, hidden damage & availability of parts can affect the final amount due.  If you have an absolute maximum budget please make that clear at the time of evaluation.  All installed parts, custom made or factory, are in raw brass finish unless otherwise specified or requested. 

All individual price quotes are only valid for 30 days from the time given, prior to the instrument being tendered for work to begin.  Special orders are to be paid in full at the time of order, including sub-contracted services.  Prices are subject to change without notice.  Any quoted estimate over $200.00 may require a deposit at the time instrument is tendered for service.  Deposits paid on ordered parts or sub-contracted services are NOT refundable.