Brass Clinic Tours & Educational Lectures

In collaboration with Dave Weiner of Brass Arts Unlimited, we offer mobile repair services in the form of brass clinic tours.  The basics are that we drive to a college location, set up our equipment & perform on-site repairs & cleanings for said brass studio.  Such tours are scheduled about 4 times a year & are typically 1 week each, during which time we visit between 3-4 university brass studios, all which have been arranged in advance.  Currently we offer this service to colleges between Potsdam, NY & Columbia, SC and out to western Pennsylvania.  While we try to limit the range of these tours within an 8 hour drive of the mid-atlantic region we are always open to expanding where we travel based on availability & financial feasability so please feel free to contact us regardless of your location.  This service is offered either by each of our respective shops individually or together as a collaborative venture.  Below are the specifics of what is offered and the logistical details of this mobile service:

    •    On-site repairs for basic to moderate instrument damage such as soldering, most dent work & installation of simple options such as water keys, finger rings, & leadpipes.
    •    On-site Ultrasonic Cleanings.  We bring with us a portable 9 gallon unit with a capacity to clean most brass instruments maxing out in size with a Euphonium.  
    •    Sales of accessories; Oils, Greases, trumpet mouthpieces (upon request) & usually a selection of instruments for sale.
    •    We require a room to work in that is available for an entire day, has access to a power supply & is a minimum of 10'X12'.  We also require access to a water supply within a reasonable distance of our work space to fill about 40 gallons.
    •    45-60 minute lecture on subjects ranging from rudimentary brass repair for music ed majors, instrument maintenance & damage prevention, brass design & custom options available.  While this service can be added at no cost for a repair clinic stop we are also available for such lectures as an à la carte service for a fee of $200.00 plus travel expenses.  



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