Brass Clinic Testimonials

"Having Chris & Dave visit our school for repairs and lectures each year has been invaluable!  Their generosity, knowledge and expertise has benefited hundreds of students.  There is no one like them.”

John Ellis, DMA
Professor of Trumpet, The Crane School of Music
Principal Trumpet, The Ottawa Symphony
Yamaha Performing Artist


"Chris Cromer not only does a great job of cleaning and repairing brass instruments,
he also gives an entertaining and informative clinic on instrument care and maintenance! 
The examples that he shows, from "real life situations," drives home the need for students
to take care of their equipment.  His clinic is a "must see" for all brass players!"

Dr. Kevin E. Eisensmith
Professor of Trumpet
Indiana University of Pennsylvania
President, International Trumpet Guild, 2009-2011


"Chris has been coming to SUNY SCCC School of Music for 2 years now.  My students and I always look forward to seeing him and getting our horns worked on by the best man in the trumpet repair business.  Not only is Chris the best at what he does, but he's super reliable, easy to work with, responsible, and the ultimate professional. His rates are better than anyone we have in town here and he does much better work.  I even save my major work for when I drive south and can visit his shop in Delaware a couple times a year rather than sending my horns to local shops that don't specialize in trumpets specifically because I know I can count on Chris to get it right the first time. My students really enjoyed learning about proper horn maintenance and red rot.  I highly recommend you schedule a yearly visit with Chris Cromer at your school, especially since it is at no cost to the school, only to the individuals who choose to have work done to their instruments." 

Allyson Keyser, DMA
Assistant Professor of Music, Trumpet
SUNY Schenectady County Community College


"It's always a pleasure to have Chris & Dave on campus to present their repair clinic. There is a great amount of advice on maintenance that the students gain from an expert technician. Not only is it helpful from a player's perspective, but it also is very important to those students in the studio who are planning on being future music educators."

Robert Skoniczin
Trumpet Instructor
University of Delaware